Who we are

Our company’s primary goal is the marketing and sale of products using mobile platforms, delivering avocados to all our clients and the #Avolovers (avocado lovers) community.

Established in Orange County, CA, and with offices in 4 countries, Calbox Farms LLC is an international company with exponential growth and subdivision of Calbox Farms Holdings LLC.

# Avolovers

Our company prides itself in its strength in product innovation (food tech). With our products, we improve the quality of life of people.

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We are building a community of #Avolovers (avocado lovers) in North America that consume our products with the use of mobile technologies including streaming platforms, digital media, virtual reality development such as yoga and cooking classes; augmented reality including video and interactive games with the purpose to become part of the daily life of the #Avolovers community.

What we do


To bring avocados and Food Tech innovation to our clients every day through the use of mobile platforms exponentially, supported by the latest technologies in the creative industries.


To become the first company in North America with exponential growth in the sale of avocado products for our avocado lovers’ community.


Competitive advantage

Our model of vertical integration allows us to produce our own product in the supply chain by having orchards in the United States and Latin America. This advantage benefits us with greater reach to our customers throughout the world.


we care for our world