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Our Solutions

We understand our clients have different needs.
At Calbox, we have developed premium customized solutions:

Calbox Solution


Calbox Solution

Food Service

We understand the challenges you face, and
know that efficient and effective practices are
vitally important to make your business successful.

At Calbox, we deliver the 52 weeks all year around.

Wether you are a restaurant in North America,
a hotel in Europe, an airplaine flying through the
Middle East, or a cruiser navigating through
the South of Asia,
At Calbox, we  make sure to
deliver the 52 weeks all year around wherever 
our clients needs us to be.

Make the most of every customer sale. 
Calbox can help you create your Private label,
taking your Branding and Digital marketing
capabilities to the next level.

Calbox Solution


We want you to have the best Calbox avocados and
products delivered to your place effortless,

At Calbox, we have design different solutions for ordering your favourite healthy products in a seamlessly way.

Calbox Solution


Our Facilities

We are a hass avocado producer, packer and exporter, established in Orange County, CA, and with offices in Uruapan Michoacan, Mexico. Calbox Farms LLC is an international company with exponential growth and subdivision of Calbox Farms Holdings LLC.

We are focused on offering solutions to our clients, in order to meet the needs of their annual supply programs within the United States.

Our team has more than 40 Years of Experience in the sector, which allows us to meet the most demanding quality requirements.

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